Pedigree  Rafale

(En cliquant sur quelques noms vous pouvez voir une ou des photos du chien)

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Desloupiots Rafale D'Hiver, WD






 Kimlan's Hunter, SD, WD




Ch.Innisfree's Treasure Hunt




Ch.Innisfree's Hunter 

Ch.Innisfree's Benchmark
Innisfree's Trelawney


Ch.Innisfree's By Design


Ch.Innisfree's Tradewind
Ch.Innisfree's Chandalar Sage



Kimlan's Shooting Star


Kimlan's Arctic Wing

Yeso Pac's Smudge Of Turick

Ch.Kimlan's Koryna


Roco's Christmas Star

Our Kimlan's Grizzly Adams
Kimlan's Christmas Holly







Desloupiots Cristal D' Hiver ,WD



AmCan.BIS.Ch.Cedarstone's Seadream Navigator, WLD, SD, TT,  (Victor)



Ch.Rockland's Starr Attraction


Ch.Marionhill's Starr Player
Sno Sky Tru Blu Starr   


Ch.Cedarstone's Clearly Canadian


Ch.Cedarstone's Chornaya Moska 

Ch.Cedarstone's Sasemin



 Innisfree's Kandy


Ch.Innisfree's Fire And Frost


Ch.Innisfree's Brannigan

Innisfree's She-Ari


Ch.Innisfree's Sarrazin II


Ch.Innisfree's Red Roadster, CD

Ch.Innisfree's Skrimshaw